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Power House

Power House

The power house is designed with flexible PLC input/output controls that can be expanded to accommodate any size drilling rig. These controls may be easily assigned and configured for varying equipment requirements. 

Primary components such as the generator controls, main switchboard, and VFD units are field-proven and driven by Canrig's firmware, which ensures a perfectly matched and highly reliable system with no interfaces to third-party equipment.

Modular DesignAbility to meet any rig design requirements; configurable for either land or offshore configurations.
Air or Liquid Cooled VFDSAllows for higher power density and compact size.
Industry Exclusive Proprietary FirmwareOptimizes performance for increased drilling efficiency.
Redundant PLC Controlled HVAC SystemPrecise control of specified conditions for VFD's in any weather environment with enhanced monitoring capabilities.
Remote Access CapabilityAllows monitoring of all systems & operations off-site.
Integrated & PVT SystemsDecreases the time required to execute slight modifications to the drilling plan increasing efficiency.
All Area Classifications AvailableAllows the building to be placed in various locations on the rig.
Durable and Robust DesignAll components are specially developed or selected for harsh drilling and environmental conditions.

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