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Multi-Plug Launching System


Multi-Plug Launching System

The Multi-Plug Launching System (MPLS) was designed to remotely launch cementing darts or plugs for cementing jobs, both on Land and Offshore.  The modular and stackable design can accommodate even the most complex plug arrangements.  Although it can perform independently, the most value is realized when the CDS tool can assist with the MPLS rig-up.  These two industry-leading tools can jointly provide the safest and most efficient means of rotating while cementing.


Key Features

  • Launches up to two plugs or darts simultaneously

  • Rated for 10,000 lbs of working pressure

  • Ability to launch the plug from sizes of 4.5” to 7” via wireless or manually

  • Bottom crossover is interchangeable to match the string connection type

  • Rotate and reciprocate if required

  • Two full open safety valves and top and bottom of MPLS, and third one above SESS for well control