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Automation Deployments Rise on Nabors Rigs; Gaining Ground on Third Party Rigs

October 21, 2022

Nabors drilling performance tools and Canrig® technologies have a strong track record of growth and performance on industry-wide rig fleets. For example, ROCKit® and Canrig top drives have proven to be a powerful combination, developed and deployed to elevate the drilling performance of Nabors and its peers.

Eager to replicate that success with additional automated drilling solutions, Nabors designed its SmartROS™ rig operating system to be installed on any rig, bringing the power of process and machine automation to any driller.

SmartROS is the brain and nervous system of the drilling rig that enables a transition from historically manual processes, to digital and automated workflows. It was built for drillers, by drillers, to elevate people, performance, and customers without an expensive rig upgrade.

Today it powers a robust portfolio of Smart Suite drilling automation software, streamlining tasks such as slide drilling, back to bottom and more.

This advanced portfolio is gaining steam. Summary highlights include:

  • SmartROS deployments on more than 113 Nabors rigs in L48, LATAM and the Middle East
  • SmartROS deployments on 14 third party rigs
  • 17% improvement in drilling connection time and a 51% improvement in drilling connection efficiency for third party customers, enabled by the SmartDRILL® app on SmartROS
  • Drilled over 2,100 wells and nearly 40 million feet with a 92% customer retention rate as of 3Q 2022

Citadel Drilling, a private company based in Calgary with operations in West Texas, recently installed SmartROS and it is running Nabors automation applications. In order to provide the most capital-light solution possible, Nabors experts worked alongside Citadel to deploy the SmartROS automation layer on top of their existing rig control system.

Speaking about the project, CEO Dan Hoffarth said, “When we were looking at our automation options, it was very important for us to select a partner that could provide a lot of options, and to be able to integrate them with the rig. When we looked at the services provided by NDS (Nabors Drilling Solutions), we found that it had a very robust combination of services that all interacted with each other. Initial results are looking very promising…there’s been no additional downtime experienced by the rig as a function of integrating the operating system.”

Learn more about SmartROS, and third party deployment, in the video below, and find even more details here.