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Variable Bore Rams

Operators often face the problem of acquiring drilling equipment and services from multiple sources that result in incompatible rig components, worn out or poorly maintained parts or items not in stock.

Operators demand efficient, reliable, high-performance products with exceptional in-field service to ensure the least amount of non-productive time. Nabors offers a cohesive, integrated drilling rig package that eliminates the need to source multiple third-party vendors with differing service quality and/or safety standards.

This integrated offering includes variable bore rams (VBRs), which consists of two rams on the blow-out preventer (BOP) that extend to the center of the wellbore. During well control events, VBRs can be used to shut the well in.

Nabors offers a VBR for the BOP that fits the customer’s desired drilling application. Whether used in high-pressure or extended reach wells, VBRs provide superior rig efficiency and reliability – ensuring the rig is ready for operations and rig up.

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