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Equipped with specially trained drillers, drilling performance software and reliable measurement while drilling (MWD) telemetry, Nabors Directional-Ready™ rigs include integrated downhole equipment and directional drilling instrumentation to enable high-fidelity surveying and precise placement in productive targets of longer lateral wellbores.

Specialized Training

Drillers working on Nabors Directional-Ready™ rigs are trained in directional theory, automated HMI sequences, BHA makeup and advanced wellbore placement operations. Additionally, rig crew members are trained on tasks which impact downhole reliability, such as mud product mixing, rig electrical grounding, mud pump maintenance, and operation.

Integrated Drilling Performance Software

On Nabors Directional-Ready™ rigs, the automated electric top drive intelligently transfers weight and mitigates string harmonics, both which optimize drilling performance. ROCKit® and REVit® performance software tools are proactively monitored by remote technicians at the Rigline 24/7™ Command Center. In sliding mode, SmartSLIDE® steers the bit along the planned trajectory without the need for a third-party directional driller.

Reliable MWD Telemetry

Tool face advisories, slide distances and projections to the bit are automatically calculated based on real-time EDR data, MWD surveys and/or logging data. These instructions are then provided to the driller in HUD.

Integrating downhole equipment in to the rig and programming detailed directional drilling tasks in to the rig controls enables increased safety, reliability, and transparency in directional drilling activities.

Drill Smarter with Nabors

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