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Directional Drilling

Blue Force® Motors

Positive displacement motors that are designed to deliver accurate wellbores at a greater rate of penetration (ROP) in a wide variety of drilling applications. These motors provide operators with increased  reliability and a reduction in overall drilling days.

Blue Force Case Study

Blue Force Motors Brochure

Blue Force® MWD Pulse

A state-of-the-art probe style positive pulse MWD system that utilizes the latest technology and design techniques. Innovative engineering minimizes the number of tools per job and allows for in-field configuration changes and servicing.

Blue Force MWD Pulse Video

Blue Force® LWD FracView®

High-resolution, ultrasonic borehole imaging for precision caliper measurements and fracture/fault characterization in all mud types. FracView provides full borehole coverage while rotating and includes standard drilling dynamics measurements. It is a service-agnostic memory-based tool with standard API connections, allowing it to run on any BHA.

FracView Brochure

Blue Force® LWD SpectraView™

Azimuthal spectral gamma ray tool that measures naturally occurring elemental concentrations of potassium (K), uranium (U) and thorium (Th) from the surrounding formation. Total Gamma Ray (TGR) spectra and elemental images are provided. TGR is calibrated to API standards and measurements are stabilized without the need for radioactive sources. SpectraView is a service agnostic memory-based tool with standard API connections, allowing it to run on any BHA.


Blue Force® LWD DrillView®

Best-in-class, high-resolution measurement of downhole weight, torque and bending, along with annulus and mud bore pressures. The data generated and its interpretation offers a comprehensive view of the drilling process and feeds workflows leading to the elimination of drilling dysfunction, optimization of the drilling process and characterization of geo-mechanical properties of the formation.

DrillView High Resolution Drilling Dynamics Brochure



Rigline 24/7™ Technical Support

Our team of highly-trained field service technicians provide technical assistance, remote monitoring and troubleshooting 24/7. Our long history of smart evolution is bolstered by a fleet of proficient and dedicated staff providing excellent support and service. With our comprehensive service network, we can dispatch field service technicians to be on-site in a matter of hours. Contact our Rigline 24/7™ Support Center by calling 866-433-4345 or +1 281-774-5649. Click here to learn more