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ROCKit® Suite

The ROCKit® Suite significantly increases rate of penetration (ROP) by rocking pipe and delivering ideal weight to bit. It promotes improved toolface control by allowing fine adjustments while still drilling ahead, reducing the need for lubricants and other friction-reducing additives. Drillers save time by quickly setting toolface orientation.

The ROCKit® Suite helps drillers:

  • Overcome low ROP when sliding by allowing the directional driller to oscillate the drill pipe left and right while slide drilling. The amount of oscillation can be adjusted to avoid rotating the mud motor and bit while maximizing friction reduction.
  • Slow toolface setting time through a patented quill position that enables the driller to quickly orient the toolface prior to sliding from a human-interface control panel in the driller’s cabin.
  • Steer corrections while slide drilling from the control panel, eliminating the need to come off bottom to make steering corrections.

Nabors® ROCKit® base system – Directional Steering Control Features

  • Patented technology that oscillates drill pipe to reduce drag and increase rate of penetration (ROP)
  • Precise angle offset control that simplifies toolface orientation
  • Add-on technology for AC top drives from other vendors

ROCKit® HUD Integrated MWD Heads Up Display Features

  • Integrated measurement while drilling (MWD) toolface and survey data to help drillers slide more effectively
  • Unambiguous, real-time toolface advisory
  • A system that “scores” the driller’s ability to maintain the toolface and slide effectively
  • Torque and delta pressure displayed on screen to provide leading indicators of toolface steering problems

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