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Blue Force® LWD SpectraView™

Nabors offers azimuthal spectral gamma services with the SpectraView logging-while-drilling (LWD).  SpectraView provides high-resolution energy spectra, and concentrations of potassium (K), uranium (U) and thorium (Th) components.  It is used for pay zone identification, sedimentology, lithology, and more.

SpectraView has an integrated dynamics/orientation package, providing vibration, shock, acceleration, RPM, instantaneous toolface, downhole RPM, and stick-slip and whirl indicators. It is compact, self-contained and can be deployed on any BHA offering with a standalone battery/memory operation. 


  • Total Gamma Ray (TGR) calibrated to API standard
  • TGR and elemental azimuthal image
  • K,U,Th concentrations and high-resolution energy spectra
  • Proprietary gain stabilization techniques do not require radioactive sources
  • Nominal 4.75 and 6.75inch tool sizes
  • Drilling dynamics monitoring allows for identification of stick-slip and whirl conditions
  • Directional sensor for highside image orientation 

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