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Predictive Drilling

predictive drilling

Revolutionizing Drilling Efficiency with AI and Rig Automation

Unlock the future of drilling with Predictive Drilling – the ultimate ROP Optimizer solution.


Predictive Drilling Overview

The Power of Collaboration

    • Industry leaders Nabors and Corva have joined forces to provide a first-of-its-kind digital and automation offering to the global drilling industry.
    • By integrating Corva’s App Store and Dev Center with Nabors’ SmartROS® and RigCLOUD® platforms, the companies haved combined AI and rig automation to drive greater drilling efficiencies.

A New Spin on ROP Optimization 

    • Predictive Drilling’s foundation is built on the principles of artificial intelligence and machine learning, all focused on optimizing Rate-of-Penetration while avoiding drilling dysfunctions.
    • Remotely control rig site Auto Driller setpoints through a seamless cloud-to-cloud connection – all without the need for any additional rig devices. 
    • Reduce costs per foot drilled.
    • Designed to simplify the workflows of drillers, drill site managers and directional drillers

Success in Action: Real Results, Real Impact

    • The first deployment of the new ROP Optimizer achieved a 36% increase in average ROP and 9.7% reduction in vibration. Field utilization reached 80% on the first pad.
    • With AI/ML integrated into the rig operating system, experience the transformation for yourself.

Available Now on SmartROS Enabled Rigs

    • The new Predictive Drilling is now available on all SmartROS enabled rigs, from Nabors and other drilling contractors. 


Drill Smarter with Nabors

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