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PadWalker & Hydraulic Ramp Pivot

As pad drilling solutions continue to evolve and improve, walking rigs with crane-less rig-up are quickly becoming a typical feature on location. The Canrig® PadWalker™ was created to support multi-well pad drilling. 

In the past, the catwalk ramp was typically erected into the working position by using a crane and the catwalk itself was moved around location with a truck. By integrating hydraulic cylinders into the base and utilizing a unique pivot design, the catwalk is able to raise and lower the ramp to and from the working position once connected to rig power.

The PadWalker™ module is simple in design, easy to maintain, affordable and may be retrofitted to existing catwalks. At a walking speed of 60 feet per hour, it keeps pace with existing rig walking systems and moves forward, backward, sideways or in diagonal directions. Control of both the PadWalker™ and the hydraulic ramp pivot is accomplished through the wireless remote control. 

These product enhancements are available on a stand-alone basis; however, pairing the PadWalker™ module with the hydraulic pivot feature eliminates the need for trucks and cranes to move the catwalk on the drilling pad. The catwalk is ready to be “walked” by disengaging the ramp from the rig substructure. Not only does this increase cost efficiencies while pad drilling, but also allows more convenient and ready access for substructure or blow-out preventer (BOP) maintenance.

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