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Robotic Pipe Feeder

The electric Robotic Pipe Feeder, or RPF-3000, is a robot for precise and fast handling of tubulars from pipe storage directly to the well center in one operation. RPF-3000 can be installed on almost any land rig with plug-and-play features, with no restrictions on the setback or drill floor and no adjustments necessary to the mast of the rig.

It is capable of handling up to range III/tubulars and shorter objects such as subs, x-overs and pop-joints up to 3,000 kg. The automated ground handling supports pipe stored on both sides of standard pipe racks, measuring the length and weight of pipes and takes care of doping of box and pin end.


  • Stand Alone, Self-Elevating and Transportable
  • Precise Automated Horizontal to Vertical handling
  • Fully Electric, Reduced Noise and GHG Emissions

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