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Blue Force® LWD DrillView®

Nabors offers an advanced drilling process characterization service with DrillView® logging-while-drilling (LWD) tool. DrillView allows precise measurement of forces near the bit or along the string including Weight-on-Bit (WOB), Torque-on-Bit (TOB), and Bending-On-Bit (BOB) along with annulus and mud bore pressures.

DrillView incorporates an advanced drilling dynamics and orientation sensor suite that complement the bit forces measurements to provide instantaneous tool-face, downhole RPM, and wideband accelerations. The data generated and its interpretation offers a comprehensive view of the drilling process and feeds workflows leading to the elimination of drilling dysfunction, optimization of the drilling process, and characterization of geo-mechanical properties of the formation.

Currently available in memory mode with their own field replaceable batteries, and standard API mechanical connections, DrillView tools can be deployed on any BHA, in any mud and are compatible with all third-party service providers.



  • Available in 6.75-inch nominal collar size
  • Continuous monitoring of weight, torque and bending, and annulus and borehole pressures with high precision
  • Advanced drilling dynamics monitoring
  • Wideband shock and vibration measurements
  • All measurements are precisely synchronized and recorded to an ultra-deep memory
  • Suitable for near bit or along-string measurement applications

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