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Career Development

At Nabors, career development is a shared responsibility between the individual employee and the company. Nabors is committed to providing the necessary support to fully utilize an employee’s potential.

A commitment to continuous learning resonates throughout Nabors’ high-performance culture. It is part of our corporate DNA to help employees cultivate skills for increased proficiency, safety and career advancement. We expose recruits to innovative drilling technologies, as well as, integrated downhole and surface tools in order to develop their skills.

By leveraging our advanced drilling automation capabilities, we continue to develop and implement technologies that make our operations safer and more efficient while simultaneously reducing our environmental footprint. As such, Nabors’ highly skilled workforce continues to set new standards for operational excellence and transform our industry as they learn new skills to advance their own careers.

Training courses are also offered to enhance employees’ knowledge of technology, engineering, business strategy and leadership skills. Aside from required training, employees may choose from a variety of other courses based on their career interests. Formalized succession planning and engineer development programs help identify high performers, and provide additional opportunities for career growth and progression.

With an unparalleled global infrastructure and a diverse product portfolio, Nabors offers endless opportunities for career development. Exciting technical and management opportunities in drilling operations, software development, equipment manufacturing, rig automation and controls, engineering and business functions such as human resources, information technology, supply chain and sales are just a few of the possibilities. At Nabors, your career path is limited only by your imagination. Ultimately, you will shape your own career by taking the lead in your personal and professional development.