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Casing Drive Systems

The Casing Drive System™ (CDS) technology was designed primarily for the purpose of executing successful Casing while Drilling (CwD) jobs. Canrig’s CDS and Compact Casing Drive System™ (CCDS) technologies maximize the utility of the top drive to enhance tubular running, meeting the demands of today’s complex and horizontal wells.

Key Features:

  • Field-proven slip design, patented link tilt pipe handling equipment, and a safety interlock system to maintain control of the casing 
  • Canrig’s global network of services provides 24/7 operational and technical support
  • Provides the torque and ability to rotate and reciprocate casing to ensure it gets to the bottom 
  • Its compact design and light weight provide single mast rigs with safer operations and faster tubular running times 
  • The unit’s overall design makes it quick to rig up/down on a variety of different rig designs 
  • Engineered with field-proven technology for performance and serviceability 

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