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Electric and Hydraulic iRacker® System

In the drilling industry, dropped objects and pipe handling are two of the most common causes of incidents, typically resulting in more serious injuries. The iRacker® autonomous tubular handling system, offered in electric and hydraulic-powered units, enables completely hands-free pipe handling. Workers are no longer required on the rig floor to trip pipe. 

The iRacker system allows for offline stand building. It can also handle casing in upper, intermediate and production sizes – all hands-free and automatically. 

The iRacker system weighs each pipe, measures tubular lengths on the catwalk and automatically determines the tubular diameter for the mouse hole and powerslips. 

Due to its modular design, the iRacker® system can be easily installed on any AC rig with the use of two cranes. It seamlessly integrates with the SmartROS™ control system, allowing the driller to control all rig floor operations from within the driller’s cabin. 

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