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Introducing Nabors SmartGRILL Technology

April 1, 2024

New “Drill and Grill” offering designed to optimize routine drilling and culinary processes

Nabors SmartGRILL TechnologyMeet SmartGRILL, the ultimate solution to keep your crews safe, well-fed and operating at peak performance.

SmartGRILL is a fully automated barbecue grill that takes care of everything from flipping burgers, blazing dogs to basting ribs, all hands-free.

SmartGRILL represents the natural progression of the automated drilling journey. Nabors SmartROS® rig operating system has been deployed on three continents, over 157 rigs and drilled more than 90 million feet for Nabors and other drilling contractors. The accompanied suite of software enables advisory, process and machine automation solutions that deliver safer, consistent and repeatable outcomes.

SmartGRILL While You SmartDRILL®

Integrated with our proprietary drilling activity sequencer – SmartDRILL – that automates the best practices of your best driller, customers can use their best recipes to go back to bottom or achieve that perfect smokey flavor. SmartGRILL while you SmartDRILL.

By extending automation beyond drilling processes to include crew sustenance, Nabors is not only enhancing safety but also streamlining workflows and boosting morale.

With SmartGRILL, Nabors is paving the way for a future where every aspect of drilling operations is fully automated, ensuring unparalleled performance and consistency in the oil and gas industry.


Regretfully…April Fools!