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Nabors Advancing Geothermal 2.0

January 13, 2022

While geothermal has been a power source for many years, the clean energy revolution and recent technological advancements are paving the way for geothermal 2.0.

The culmination of stimulation techniques derived from unconventional fields, alternative working fluids that remain super-critical at lower temperatures, improved reliability of high-temperature drilling equipment and deep, hard rock drilling innovations shows promise to reduce costs, increase commercial viability and to open up geothermal energy development from more geographies than ever before.

Geothermal is the only, clean, renewable and base load source of energy. It is a critical component of achieving the world’s goal of carbon neutrality by 2050. Recognizing the importance of geothermal in the energy transition, Nabors has invested in three leading edge geothermal venture companies – each with its own particular technology, scope and application.

The investments are targeted at scaling geothermal by making it available, not only in limited geographies, but anywhere. Sage Geosystems utilizes multiple technologies to build an integrated system both on the surface and subsurface environments. Geo-X Energy is looking to go deep with new techniques to establish supercritical geothermal power stations that produce 10x more energy than conventional geothermal. And, Quaise Inc. is developing millimeter-wave drilling technology that will enable to drill deeper geothermal wells.

Nabors is leveraging its global footprint, extensive knowledge of subsurface conditions and expertise in drilling and well construction to support our geothermal partners and advance and accelerate geothermal projects globally. In cooperation with our geothermal partners, Nabors aims to make geothermal 2.0 a reality.