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A Case for Real-Time Drilling Optimization: Nabors DrillView® Mitigates Equipment Failures in Challenging Mud Transition

December 20, 2023

Drilling in challenging formations sometimes requires the need for different mud-types.

Oftentimes drillers are faced with the dilemma of using muds with unique performance properties and the potential impact those muds may have on downhole equipment.

In a recent case study, an Operator in the Delaware Basin successfully tackled drilling dysfunctions and mitigated downhole equipment failures during a critical transition from oil-based mud to water-based mud.

The key to their success lay in the combined utilization of three powerful technologies:

  • Nabors Blue Force® LWD DrillView®: This high-resolution data collection tool provided real-time insights into downhole conditions, enabling the identification of cyclical bending movements and erratic torque as the root cause of equipment fatigue.
  • Nabors SmartDRILL®: This intelligent automated drilling activity sequencer – which includes enhanced back-to-bottom, post-slide control and zeroing processes – allowed the implementation of a new post-slide drilling process, including a stand-down period to enhance BHA reliability and reduce stress on downhole equipment.
  • Nabors DeepVIEW®: This advanced software analyzed drilling data, revealing inconsistencies in the slide-to-rotary transition, and facilitating the development of best practices integrated into SmartDRILL.

The results speak volumes:

  • Drilling cycle time was reduced by over 24 hours.
  • BHA failures were significantly mitigated, leading to increased equipment reliability.
  • Overall drilling efficiency and productivity were significantly improved.

This performance provides compelling evidence for the value of real-time, high-frequency data in optimizing drilling processes and overcoming challenges in difficult environments. By combining technologies like DrillView and SmartDRILL, operators can achieve significant improvements in operational efficiency, cost savings, and overall drilling success.

See more details in the full case study below.


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