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Spotlighting Nabors in Algeria

March 22, 2024

Renewed activity sparks optimism for the region

Nabors was recently awarded a four-rig contract with Sonatrach Division Forage in Algeria and has started operations in the first quarter of 2024. This agreement not only strengthens the collaboration between the two entities but signifies a strategic move towards restoring Nabors’ presence in the region.

Nabors and Sonatrach had a decades long history of working together before the COVID-19 pandemic hit. With the restart of the Algerian operation, Nabors has been able to support local businesses, provide job opportunities and deliver training and know-how to the Algerian workforce.

Nabors’ PACE® class rigs are some of the most advanced rigs in the world. Sonatrach will use Nabors PACE®- F rigs, equipped with advanced drilling technologies and equipment such as the Canrig Automated Catwalk, Canrig 500-ton AC Top Drive and REVit® automation platform, all designed to optimize operational efficiency and deliver responsible operations.

John Mabry, Algeria Area Manager, said: “Sonatrach has a great track record with Nabors, so we are excited to be working with them again. With the technologies provided on our rigs, I believe we will be able to help Sonatrach meet their drilling targets and achieve their operational goals.”

Sonatrach, a national state-owned company of Algeria, is the largest oil and gas company in Algeria and Africa. The company operates in exploration, production, pipeline transportation and marketing of hydrocarbons and by-products. Sonatrach bases its work on strong work values and policies and over the years of success activities, it has established a reliable reputation in the Oil and Gas market.