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What We Do

Nabors is a leading provider of advanced technology for the energy industry.  

With operations in more than 15 countries, Nabors has established a global network of people, technology and equipment to deploy solutions that deliver safe, efficient and responsible hydrocarbon production. By leveraging its core competencies, particularly in drilling, engineering, automation, data science and manufacturing, Nabors aims to innovate the future of energy and enable the transition to a lower carbon world.

Nabors Industries owns and operates the world’s largest land-based drilling rig fleet and is a leading provider of offshore platform workover and drilling rigs in the U.S. and multiple international markets. Nabors also provides innovative drilling technology, directional drilling operations and drilling instrumentation and software. Through its various subsidiaries, Nabors manufactures and sells top drives, catwalks, wrenches, drawworks and other drilling related equipment which are installed on both onshore and offshore drilling rigs.

Land Drilling

Sustainable, fit-for-purpose rig fleet with the most expansive global geomarket coverage in the industry


Innovative offshore rigs withstand tough conditions and save time

Specialty Rigs

Harsh and sensitive environment rigs uniquely designed for low consumption, zero discharge, and high capacity to drill more wells with less rigs and smaller infrastructure

Rig Equipment

Premier, durable, automatic and robotic equipment with the guarantee of our global service network

Drilling Software

Proprietary line of drilling software and technology optimizes drilling performance

Downhole Tools & Services

Directional drilling and measurement-while-drilling services