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RigCLOUD and ROGII Streamline Directional Drilling and Geosteering Workflows with New Software Integration

April 9, 2023

Integrating the SmartNAV® automated directional guidance system with the StarSteer auto geosteering tool aims to synchronize workflows, improve communication and eliminate errors, missing data and other inefficiencies of today’s manual workflows

RigCLOUD® today announced the integration of the SmartNAV automated directional guidance system with ROGII’s advanced auto geosteering tool, StarSteer.

The integration of SmartNAV and StarSteer streamlines the process for geologists by having the geosteering data pushed automatically to SmartNAV, helping to eliminate errors, missing data and the possibility for missing new geological targets that can result from manual workflows. As a result, users can create more consistent and reliable changes across fleets and boost geologists’ confidence in making target change decisions proactively.

StarSteer’s robust geosteering solution incorporates comprehensive data integration with user friendly interface and functionality for entire teams. Combine that with SmartNAV’s integrated platform and unlock automatic updates for target windows and formation tops.

Other features of the integration include:

  • The ability to immediately see the target data and changes captured from StarSteer in SmartNAV
  • Automatically translating the target changes into a new drilling window in SmartNAV
  • SmartNAV users are notified when changes from StarSteer are applied
  • StarSteer will display the updated SmartNAV path forward on their plots after every survey station

Additionally, users have the option to automate the execution of SmartNAV decisions after they are sent to the rig. Learn more about SmartNAV and our broader automated directional drilling solutions here.