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Our Commitment

Since 1952, Nabors has built a foundation of innovation and has continually improved the way wells are drilled. Sustainability and safety are an essential part of our corporate culture and have served as our guideposts during this evolution. Today, we continue to conduct business through the lens of environmental, social and governance priorities. We believe our success is directly linked to the development and integration of a broad range of sustainable practices.

Transition and change are not easy for the industry but adherence to the status quo is not an option. By leveraging how we conduct our business through our technological and digital innovation, environmental impact planning, corporate safety initiatives and community relations, positive results will be achieved.  Ultimately, our results will generate a smaller footprint, ensure a safe workforce while continually expanding their capabilities in new ways. We will achieve these goals the way Nabors has always operated, through ingenuity and integrity. Corporate responsibility will continue to guide us in every aspect of our daily activities and is the key to our continued success.

Embracing Energy Without Compromise 

At Nabors, we are pursuing energy without compromise. We believe renewable energy and socially responsible hydrocarbons are required to realize a sustainable energy mix that is affordable, reliable, and clean.


  • Embrace energy innovation over energy exclusion: Supporting hydrocarbons and renewables while eliminating the tradeoffs between them.
  • Capitalize on strengths and adjacencies: Seeking opportunities to apply skills and competencies to advance other industries.
  • Collaborate to accelerate progress: Working together and leveraging collective strengths to decarbonize faster.

Environmental, Social and Governance



Nabors Policies and Corporate Guidelines

Explore our comprehensive list of corporate policies and guidelines designed to ensure integrity, compliance, and excellence in every aspect of our operations. From ethical standards to operational protocols, our policies guide us in maintaining a responsible workplace.

You can find a list of all Nabors policies and guidelines here.