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Strong company culture builds the core strength of a business. By bringing together diverse voices and cultivating a welcoming environment, we strive to support our people, contractors, customers and communities. Inclusion, dignity and equality make up the character of Nabors.


Human Capital and Technology

Our commitment encompasses all components affecting our employees whether related to our employees, contractors, customers, suppliers or, through a broader lens, our communities.

Human Rights and Labor Practices

Nabors is committed to respecting the basic rights of the people we work with and avoiding engagement in any activity that encourages or solicits the abuse of another’s human rights.
We exercise due diligence to identify and prevent human rights risks throughout our global operations. Our Human Rights Guidelines detail our expectation for our employees, joint venture partners, suppliers, vendors and stakeholders around the world.

Health and Safety

Safety stands front and center in our corporate values because we believe all of our global operations can and must achieve our mission of zero incidents and zero injuries. Our safety performance metrics can be found here.

Occupational Health & Safety (OHS) Management System

Our commitment is to ensure we identify the hazards and risks associated to occupational health and safety at all our worksite areas to set operational controls to avoid injury or incidents. We are committed to responsibly helping our customers meet the world’s demand for oil and gas by providing competent and trained workforce, strong Occupational Health & Safety Management System and our innovative drilling equipment and technology. To learn more about our Occupational Health & Safety Management System, please review our OHS disclosure.

Training and Development

Recruiting the best is not enough, we also plan for the long-term success of employees to ensure a high-performing and high-reliability workforce. It is part of our DNA to help employees cultivate skills for increased proficiency, safety and overall performance. We do this through a variety of educational methods and programs, including instructor-led training, computer-based training, microlearnings and on-the-job experiences.

Talent Management

Nabors’ talent management programs aim to reduce turnover and improve our bench strength. A thoughtful structure provides the framework for development through succession planning, career paths, high-value/high-potential identification and performance appraisals.

Diversity and Inclusion

We embrace diversity and inclusion. From hiring to retention to development, our process places a priority on building an inclusive environment across race, gender, age, national origin, religion and unique perspectives and ideas.

 Click here to view our most recently filed U.S. Federal Employer Information Report EE0-1.


Spotlight on Community Partnerships

North Dakota – For any rigs operating on the Fort Berthold reservation, hiring preferences are given to members of the Mandan, Hidatsa, Arikara Nation (MHA).  We work with the MHA Tribal Employment Rights Office who provides us with referrals via email.

Colombia –  Community Relations (CR) Supervisor is a position created specifically to help with social responsibilities in local communities including hiring.  The CR Supervisor’s role focuses on encouraging and monitoring labor participation from communities including indigenous population and mapping of personnel from critical and strategic communities.


The heart of our global staff is evident in the many events in which we participate or we sponsor in our communities. Many begin as labors of love and have continued over the years, exemplifying our commitment to our neighbors and the true desire to make a difference. You’ll find our staff organizing blood drives, planting trees and feeding the hungry. Globally, we promote recruiting partnerships with the indigenous communities in which we operate with a focus of hiring indigenous people.

Political Advocacy

A full statement on our stance on political advocacy and list of membership fees, contributions and other payments to the trade associations to which Nabors belongs can be found here.

Customer Relations

Recognizing communications must be a two-way street, we frequently seek feedback to ensure we are exceeding customers’ expectations. Our groundbreakers anticipate these needs to deliver differential solutions. It is how Nabors has maintained its status as the performance driller of choice.

The transaction between vendor and customer has evolved far beyond a mere exchange of money and goods. These purchases now bear the expectation of social impact. As other issues rise in importance, it is critical to include our sustainability priorities in the value proposition.

Suppliers and Vendors

Any vendor engaged in providing product or services to Nabors is expected to act in accordance with the Vendor Guidelines, communicating and implementing the guideline requirements throughout its organization and its supply chain.

Nabors’ vendors are expected to implement due diligence procedures for their own suppliers, subcontractors and other participants in their supply chains, to ensure that there are no human rights violations, including but not limited to slavery, child labor or human trafficking in their supply chain. You can read more about Nabors Vendor Guidelines here.  We are dedicated to compliance with laws governing fair competition in all activities. Nabors values diversity and economic inclusion as these elements are vital for our ability to grow and innovate.

Nabors reserves the right to carry out annual audits with suppliers, evaluating their performance in the areas of human rights, environment management, business ethics and social responsibility, as outlined in our Vendor Guidelines and Supplier Assessment Process.

We ensure that all vendors, regardless of their size, geography or workplace nationalities, have the same opportunities to compete for the supply of goods and services. Accordingly, all purchases and sales must be predicated strictly on considerations of efficiency, price, quality, service and suitability. You can read more about Nabors supplier selection process here.