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Nabors Leads the Way in Automation and Decarbonization at the 2023 International Drilling Conference

April 4, 2023

The SPE IADC International Drilling Conference & Exhibition brought together leading industry experts to discuss the latest advancements in digitalization, automation, robotics, and decarbonization. The conference, held in Norway this year, is the perfect platform for industry professionals and subject matter experts to learn, network and collaborate. Nabors’ team of experts was on hand to engage with attendees and discuss how automation and decarbonization technologies explicitly developed for drillers by drillers can improve their operations.

We asked our team members who presented and participated in panel discussions to share their experiences and give us their key takeaways:

According to Malini Manocha, Director of Controls and Automation, the conference provided “fantastic in-depth technical knowledge” on what industry peers and E&P services are working on. She noted the bravery of university participants in having open conversations about what operators are not doing and leaving it to the service providers. This provided valuable insights into the industry’s current state and the need to step up and provide solutions.

Engineering Supervisor Isaac Fonseca’s key takeaway from the conference was the difference in knowledge and practices presented between US land drilling and Norway’s offshore drilling automation. He noted that US land drilling practices significantly impact drilling more wells with automation, bringing more value in repetitive environments. He confirmed that Nabors is on the right track, leading the drilling automation industry.

Media Engagement:

During an interview with the IADC Drilling Contractor Magazine from the Canrig Robotics facility in Sandnes, Subodh Saxena, Senior Vice President of Nabors Drilling Solutions, discussed the three types of automation: process, machine and advisory. Subodh emphasized that Nabors strives to build an ecosystem of digital, robotics, and automated technologies that integrate all three automation elements. This integrated approach will enable Nabors to leverage the benefits of each type of automation and create a comprehensive solution. Check out the full interview here.

The CEO of Canrig Robotics, Lars Raunholt, said Canrig Robotics had developed a unique dynamic robotic control system that enables different robots to perform various tasks and be flexible in their operations. Lars highlighted the functions of the different robotic components and emphasized the company’s design philosophy, which prioritizes off-the-shelf products. Watch the full interview here.

Engineering students from the IADC Student Chapter who participated in the robotics facility demo enjoyed the tour and were impressed with what they saw.

Nabors’ participation in the SPE IADC International Drilling Conference & Exhibition showcased the company’s automation and decarbonization technologies expertise. Through their insights and discussions with industry peers, the Nabors team demonstrated their commitment to driving the industry forward and providing innovative solutions for the future of drilling.