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Spotlighting Innovation: A Showcase of Middle East Drilling Successes

October 1, 2023


Nabors is bringing the future of drilling to the Middle East: solutions that digitalize, automate and lower the carbon footprint of operations. As ADIPEC kicks off in Abu Dhabi this week, learn more about recent Nabors technology deployments and how they deliver safer, responsible and consistent outperformance to customers.

Process Automation Reduced Connection Times by More Than 20% in Saudi Arabia

Initial deployments of the SmartROS® rig operating system in Saudi Arabia are yielding significant results, enabling the region to benefit from advanced automation technologies. Built for drillers by drillers, the capital-light platform can be integrated and scaled across AC rig fleets, regardless of the rig and equipment manufacturer.

Nabors has built a suite of performance automation tools deployable through SmartROS. For example, SmartDRILL® process automation is a drilling activity sequencer that implements the best practices of your best driller. One of the first rigs in Saudi Arabia to use SmartDRILL reduced connection times by more than 20%

RigCLOUD® Streamlines Decision Making

The implementation of RigCLOUD® technology at rigsites has enhanced the efficiency of drillers’ workflow and digitalized operations. RigCLOUD grants access to real-time drilling data and analytics, empowering the crew to make more informed decisions.

Paving the Way to Automation: SCR to AC Rig Conversions, Simplified

Historically, SCR to AC rig conversions required that the rig be rebuilt entirely—until now. Canrig has simplified this process. By swapping the existing direct current (DC) top drive and DC drawworks with AC models and adding a compact drillers’ cabin equipped with built-in drives to power and control the top drive and drawworks, an upgrade can be performed during a rig move. Using this method, an older rig can be outfitted to interface with new technologies to capture efficiency gains within a significantly shortened timeline.

Canrig ILLUMIC™ Lighting System Shines Bright in Saudi Arabia

Recent installations of the ILLUMIC™ LED lighting system on four rigs in Saudi Arabia greatly improved worker visibility during nighttime operations and saved approximately 852 kWh of energy and 116 gallons of fuel when traditional diesel-powered light towers are not in use.

Canrig Expands In-Kingdom Manufacturing and Repair Facility to 15,000 m2

Canrig®, a division of Nabors, recently opened its newly expanded manufacturing and repair facility in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Located in Dammam, the 15,000 m2 (161,500 ft2) facility provides regional value and support with new manufacturing builds and repair, recertification, and rebuilding services for Canrig and customer drilling equipment.

Nabors Wins Service 2023 Provider of the Year Award for the Middle East

Nabors takes pride in being honored with the Service Provider of the Year Award at the 2023 Oil & Gas Middle East Awards and is excited to highlight the major advancements and developments in the Middle East. One of the standout achievements in the past year has been Nabors’ commitment to advancing drilling operations in the Middle East, which is making automation and decarbonization technologies accessible and deployable.

Decarbonization at the Forefront

As a proud decarbonization accelerator zone sponsor at ADIPEC 2023, Nabors is excited to highlight its energy transition efforts in hydrocarbons and clean energy and present recent results from technology deployments in the Middle East.

Powerful Collaborations with Leaders in the Industry

Nabors announced several collaborations this year aimed at building a powerful ecosystem of technologies that streamline operations and enhance performance for customers. Among them is joining forces with Corva with a first order of business to improve rate-of-penetration (ROP) with a new solution, Predictive Drilling, and teaming up with Halliburton to automate well construction services.

What’s Next?

Fully automating land drilling rigs is a vision realized and proven in the United States with the deployment of the Red Zone Robotics (RZR) Rig Floor Automation Module. Automating routine drilling activities removes crews from red zones and delivers consistent performance. RZR seamlessly integrates with the SmartROS® Rig Operating System, providing full control of tubular handling from the drillers’ cabin. Safe, hands-free pipe handling; triple racking tubular handling within an offline stand building; Modular and scalable to be deployed on any AC rig. Nabors is setting its sights on bringing RZR to the Middle East. Stay tuned for more details!


Visit us in Hall 4, Stand #4270, to learn how Nabors delivers safer, more efficient and more responsible operations.