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Predictive Drilling Solution Excelling Across US Basins

January 26, 2024

Recent deployments in the Williston Basin improved rate-of-penetration (ROP) by 17%

Nabors and Corva joined forces last year to deliver first-of-their-kind digital and automated solutions for the drilling industry.

The debut solution was developed specifically to reduce per foot drilling costs by improving drilling efficiency and avoiding drilling dysfunctions.

Combining Corva’s AI-based ROP optimizer, Predictive Drilling, with Nabors SmartROS® rig operating system, the companies have enabled remote control of rig site auto driller setpoints through a seamless cloud-to-cloud connection without the needed for additional rig devices. In essence: closed-loop drilling automation.

Initial deployments for a customer in the Delaware Basin accelerated average ROP by 36% and decreased average vibration by 9.7%.

More recent results from another customer in the Williston Basin echo those results from the Delaware, further validating the efficacy of the technology. Using Predictive Drilling on six wells achieved:

  • 17% increase in ROP
  • Single bit laterals on five out of the six wells
  • 36 hours saved in total rig time

The ease of deployment and seamless integration into the drillers’ workflow played a pivotal role in achieving these results. With an average utilization rate of 78%, Predictive Drilling proved itself as a user-friendly and effective tool, simplifying the workflows of drillers, drill site managers, and directional drillers.

Read the full Williston Basin case study here.

The new Predictive Drilling solution is available on all SmartROS-enabled rigs, from Nabors and other drilling contractors.