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Reflections from the IADC Drilling Middle East 2023 Conference in Saudi Arabia

December 1, 2023

The 2023 IADC Drilling Middle East Conference in Saudi Arabia served as a pivotal gathering, uniting industry leaders and drilling professionals to delve into critical discussions and share best practices on workforce development, drilling efficiency, safety, security, and equipment maintenance in the Middle East. With a spotlight on cutting-edge technology advances, the conference showcased groundbreaking achievements in drilling automation alongside insightful case studies.


Miguel Sanchez speaks at the IADC Drilling Middle East 2023 Conference in Saudi Arabia

Engaging in insightful discussions, our experts shared valuable insights on Nabors’ latest drilling advancements and recent technology deployments in the Middle East, highlighting how Nabors is at the forefront of delivering efficient, safer and more responsible operations. 

Miguel Sanchez, Nabors Vice President of International Operations emphasized the industry’s central challenge of “Delivering Energy Without Compromise”. In his keynote, Miguel addressed a collaborative approach, urging the industry to capitalize on shared strengths and adjacencies and the need to eliminate tradeoffs between energy sources, presenting a vision for a collective path forward. He further highlighted Nabors’ commitment to the Kingdom through initiatives in automation, digitalization and decarbonization.



Moe Alsaqi speaks at the IADC Drilling Middle East 2023 Conference in Saudi Arabia

Nabors Product Development Manager, Moe Alsaqi and Kirill Ronzhin from ROGII provided valuable insights into the successful integration of the RigCLOUD SmartNAV automated directional guidance system with ROGII’s StarSteer auto geosteering tool.

They detailed the collaborative synergy of these technologies, demonstrating how the integration enhances consistency and reliability in workflows. Facilitated by this integration, they emphasized how these technologies work together to create more consistent and reliable workflows, fostering real-time data exchanges between geologists and directional drillers for optimized operational outcomes.




Delphina Rodrigues speaks at the IADC Drilling Middle East 2023 Conference in Saudi Arabia

Delphina Rodrigues, Nabors Marketing and Communications Manager, moderated a panel discussion focused on “Empowering the Next Generation and Building a Diverse and Sustainable Energy Industry”.

Delphina facilitated insightful conversations among panelists, who shared their expertise on creating equitable opportunities within the industry. The panel highlighted the importance of removing challenges for young talent, bridging the generational gap and promoting diversity efforts to ensure a sustainable, inclusive and equitable future. 

Overall, the event served as a platform for industry leaders and professionals to witness firsthand Nabors’ technological advancements and drilling innovations in the Middle East with solutions that automate, digitalize and lower the carbon footprint of drilling operations.