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Top Drives 001-150

PB003 – ALERT – Lockout Top Drive When Using Perforating Guns

PB004 – ALERT – Safe Use of Handler Assembly

PB005 – Link Tilt 

PB006 – Handler Rotate and Handler Lock 

PB007 – Air Duct Connection Clamp

PB008 – Pressure Adjustment of Link Tilt Cylinders

PB009 – Top Drive Inspection Following Periods of Rough Drilling

PB010 – Torque Guide Connection Flanges

PB011 – Safety Retention Of Torque Guide Flange Bolts

PB012A – Torque Guide Connection Flange Bolts

PB013 – Alignment of the Mast, Torque Guide and Top Drive

PB014 – Block Guide Disconnection For Mast Erection

PB015 – Block Guides

PB016 – Link Tilt Bracket Bolts

PB017 – Safety Retention Of Electrical Plugs

PB018 – Pipe Handler Wireline Maintenance

PB019 – Gear And Bearing Lubrication Oil

PB020 – Handler Rotate Drive

PB021 – Top Drive Inspection Following Periods Of Rough Drilling

PB022 – Top Drive Maintenance

PB023 – Top Drive Disc Brakes

PB024 – Top Drive Hydraulic Torque Boost

PB025 – Storage And Use Of Spare Top Drive Drilling Motors

PB026 – Top Drive Maintenance

PB027 – Shimming Of The Lower Gearcase Bearing On Two-Speed Top Drive Units

PB028 – Jarring With The Top Drive

PB029 – Top Drive Maintenance

PB030 – Top Drive Maintenance

PB031 – Top Drive – Mast Guide Rails

PB032 – Grasshopper Rig-Up

PB033 – 350 Ton Bails

PB034 – Lower Well Control Valves

PB035 – Proper Use Of Lifting/Snubbing Frames And Slings

PB036 – Proper Use Of The Link Tilt And Handler Lock

PB037 – Mallard Bay Rig 42 Electrical

PB038 – Ensure Engagement Of The Handler Rotate

PB039 – Tightening Of Top Drive Runner Bolts

PB040 – Welding On The Top Drive

PB041 – Top Drive Inspection Following Periods Of Rough Drilling Or Jarring

PB042 – Top Drive Frame To Housing Connection

PB043 – Handler Lock Sensor Kit

PB044 – Proper Unloading Of Portable Torque Guides

PB045 – Correct Assembly Of Top Drive Components

PB046 – Possible SCR Puck Failure – Pipe Unwind

PB047 – Back-Up Wrench Inspection After Jarring

PB048 – Rotating Top Drive With Weight In Elevators

PB049 – Inspection Of Mudline Goosenecks

PB050 – DC Motor Maintenance

PB051 – ALERT – Mudline Support Braces

PB052 – Portable Torque Guides

PB053 – ALERT – 275 Ton Handler Lock Pin

PB054 – ALERT – Portable Torque Guide Lifting

PB055 – Torque Reaction Slide Plates

PB056 – 275 Ton Reducing Gear Shaft Key

PB057 – Portable Torque Guide – Removal

PB058 – Maintenance Of Safety Cable On Back-Up Wrench Pipe Deflector

PB059 – 275 Ton Handler Lock Pin (Model 6025, 6027)

PB060 – ALERT – Pinch Points

PB061 – Summary Of Hub Shrink Fits

PB062 – ALERT – Bearing Removal

PB063 – Top Drive Gearcase Oil Capacity

PB064 – ALERT – Retraction Frame/ Guide Runners

PB065 – ALERT – Pipe Entrapment On TD Guard

PB066 – AC Top Drive – Variable Speed Drive

PB067 – Transportation Of Portable Top Drive Support Unit (TDSU) Buildings

PB068 – ALERT – Maintenance Of Fall Arresting Devices

PB069 – ALERT – Cable Carrier (Grass-Hopper)

PB070 – Overheating Of Electrical Room In Top Drive Support Units (TDSU)

PB071 – Vibration Technology Inc. – Resonant Vibration System

PB072 – ALERT – Pin Failure – Retract Frame

PB073 – ALERT – Safety Wiring – Link Tilt Cylinder Guard

PB074 – Maintaining Torque On Stuck Pipe

PB075 – ALERT – SECOND NOTICE: Safety Wiring – Link Tilt Cylinder Guard

PB076 – Air Conditioning Unit Set-up

PB077 – ALERT – Maintenance of Back-Up Wrench Gripper Assembly

PB078A – ALERT – Proper use of Anco Lock Nuts

PB079 – Electric Service Loop – Double Bolt Clamps

PB080 – ALERT – Electrical Shock Hazard

PB081 – Air Conditioning Unit Set-Up

PB082 – ALERT – Model 1050 – Upper Link Retainers

PB083 – ALERT – Guide Runner Adjuster Bolts

PB084 – ALERT – Mounting plate – Handler Rotate Lock

PB085 – ALERT – Urethane Guide Runners

PB086 – ALERT – Back-up Wrench – Guide Plate, Inner Tube

PB087 – Rotary Manifold – Link Support Passage

PB088A – Inspection of Safety Pins

PB089 – ALERT – Redesigned Link Tilt Cylinder and Elimination of Link Tilt Cylinder Guard

PB090 – ALERT – Back Up Wrench Inspection

PB091 – ALERT – Back Up Wrench Cylinder Clevis Backing Out

PB092 – Gooseneck Plugs

PB093 – ALERT – Back-up Wrench – Outer Tube Cylinder Lug

PB094 – ALERT – Pin Failure – Retract Frame

PB095A – ALERT – Top Drive Backup Wrench Die Retention

PB096 – Blower Protection

PB097 – Canrig Lower Well Control Valve (LWCV) Backpressure Control

PB098A – ALERT – Torque Guide – Casing Entrapment

PB099 – Revised Inspection Program Section 4B of Parts Manual

PB100 – Air Pressure switch N10161 – Model 6027 Top Drive Motor

PB101 – Improper Lugs on 6027TD AC Motor Leads

PB102 – Top Drive Backup Wrench Pin Retention

PB103 – ALERT – Handler Lock Sensor

PB105A – Broken Bolts on Top Drives with “Bat Wing” Style Guide Frames

PB106 – Proper Shimming of Guide Runners on the NDUSA “M” Style Rigs with 275 Ton Top Drives

PB107 – Proper Shimming of Guide Runners on “F” Style Rigs with 500 Ton AC Top Drives

PB108 – Block Transfer Alarm (all Flex type Top Drives)

PB109 – ALERT – Crown Hanger – Clamp Style Bearing Plates

PB110 – Dropped Pinion Retainer and Bolts

PB111 – Water Ingress to the TD Flex I/O and (if applicable) Torque Guide J-Boxes

PB112 – BUW Stop Pin Interference/Actuator Fittings

PB113 – Back-up Wrench Stop Pin Safety Wiring Procedure

PB115 -Rotary Hose Retention, M-Rig, F-Rig, Sundowner (for Nabors Top Drives Only)

PB116 – Rotary Hose Retention, 275T-AC, 500/750T-AC

PB117 – Rotary Hose Retention, 275-DC, 350-AC, 4017-AC, 350/500-DC

PB118A – DE / NDE GE-B20 Motor Grease Tubing

PB120 – Replacement Rotary Manifolds

PB121 – ALERT – Torque Guide Pivot Pin Retainer Bolt Length

PB122 – ALERT – Torque Guide Section 1, Tensioning Cylinders Guard

PB123 – ALERT – Replacement of Lower Well Control Valve Anti-Rotation Bracket

PB124 – Top_Drive_Position_Sensor_Clamp_Replacement

PB125 – Quill_Washout_Plate_Product_Bulletin

PB126 – LWCV_Anti-Rotation_Bracket

PB127 – Crown_Hanger_Harpoon-Alert

PB128 – ALERT Portable Torque Guide

PB129 – Top_Drive_Guide_Runner_Shim_Modification

PB130 – PV1250_Plus_RIO_upgrade

PB131 – Upper_Torque_Guide_J-Box_Safety_Alert

PB132 – TD_Encoders

PB133 -TD_Torque_Unwind

PB134 – Hydraulic Cold Bleed

PB135 – Quill Washout Plate_v3

PB136 – Eaton Brake Discontinued

PB137 – ALERT Handler Rotation

PB138 – ALERT Guide Runner Adjuster Bolts

PB139 – Panelview Unit Replacement-Standalone TD System

PB140 – 6027 Handler Lock Sensor Inspection and Testing

PB141 – ALERT – Upper_link_modification

PB142 – Adjustment_Handler_Lock_Sensor

PB143 – Encoder Lockout Clip

PB144 – 275Ton Top Drive Back Up Wrench Deflector Plate Safety Wiring

PB145 – Encoder Replacement

PB146 – ALERT – Circuit_Breaker_TDSU

PB147 – Split Ring Upgrade

PB148 – BUW Manifold Guard Upgrade Kit Installation Instructions

PB149 – Lower_well_control_valve_install

PB150 – ALERT -Limit Switch Guard Modification